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Became a member of the EAN International Association, now is GS1, in 1995 and is the only one internationally recognized organization on the territory of Moldova that has the right to implement the article numbering and bar codes system.

According to its status, it is a non-profit, non-governmental,non-commercial organization whose the mission is popularize and spread the bar codes in production, the branch of services, transport, medicine and other spheres of human activity.

GS1 Moldova is managed by its members. The main body is the Ceneral Meeting and the Management Board elected by it. The members of the Management Board are representatives of industrial organizations, users of GS1 systems.

Address of executive office:
63, M.Kogalniceanu str., MD 2009, Chisinau, Tel: (373 22) 24 16 69 Fax: (373 22)24 16 69